Passive House, Kit Home, Brecon Beacons

Self build kit home project built to passive house standard using our unique twin-wall and passive slab system. The project sits in a rural setting on the edge of the Brecon Beacons, South Wales. Our kit-home build team provided all timber frame design services, engineering specification and erection of the flat pack system in a rapid timescale. The system consists of an insulated raft foundation and timber twin-wall; virtually eliminating cold bridging. This approach massively reduces conductive heat losses and enables erection times of under a week, saving between 2-4 months on conventional build times. The scheme featured a unique curved roof detail and Green sedum roofing system, to provide improved biodiversity and also stormwater mitigation. Our site team provide install high pressure pumped cellulose insulation to the cavity and then provide airtightness services to ensure performance below 0.6ach/hr@50pa. Triple glazed windows ensure minimal heat loss, whilst maximising solar gain in winter with overhangs designed to mitigate overheating in summer. The Passive slab also provides substantial thermal mass to ameliorate temperature spikes during summer days also improving thermal comfort.IMG_3620IMG_3626