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Code for Sustainable Homes: Principles

The code for 

Code for sustainable homes

Code For Sustainable Homes

1. Energy and CO2 Emissions

SDC employ a highly insulated building envelope in our standard new build construction, with element u-values <0.15W/m2K, greatly surpassing the requirements of the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standards (FEE). In conjunction with energy efficient  fixtures and mechanically ventilated heat recovery (MVHR) our new build homes will meet Code 4  of the CSH as standard.

If further reductions in Energy use and CO2 emissions up to Codes 5 & 6 are required, we specify solar thermal water heating,  biomass boilers or heat pump technology. We also can specify a range of microgeneration technologies such as Photovoltaic panels, small scale wind or hydro and combined heat and power (CHP) solutions

2. Water

We specify low flow faucets and water efficient toilets as standard in our builds. To achieve Codes 5 & 6 we specify rainwater harvesting, to reduce water usage below 80L per person.

3. Materials

Timber frame systems are inherently more sustainable than conventional brick and block construction. All our housing systems use FSC certified timber and  materials that have a low environmental impact, and embodied energy  throughout their lifetime. Additional natural building materials can be substituted i.e. natural insulation materials, floor coverings etc.

4. Surface water run-off

We can specify a range of sustainable urban drainage solutions, including rainwater harvesting, stormwater management soakaways and permeable landscaping

5. Waste

Facility  for sustainable waste management is intrinsic in our dwellings.  Structure fabrication using MMC vastly reduces waste production, on and  offsite.

6. Pollution

We specify insulating materials considered to have a GWP ≤5. Our preffered no combustive heating systemss  MVHR, heat pump and solar thermal systems have 0 NOx emissions.

7. Heath and well-being

Our Code 6 dwellings will come with a ‘Lifetime Homes Guarantee’ .  Standard dwellings have heath and well-being at the heart of  their design and employ larger than average room sizes and good levels  of accesses.

8. Management

Homes  come with a user guide as standard, MMC techniques and our contractors  ensure sustainable efficient site management with low impact.

9. Ecology

We ensure a sound ecological approach to the build and operation of the  dwelling where necessary we will consult a qualified ecologist to  maintain a harmonious ecological setting.

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