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Energy efficient Kit Homes – 2 common Myths debunked

Sustainable factory built kit homes have not yet entered the mainstream in the UK, despite some notable and award winning schemes. Kit Housing systems, necessarily public sector still suffer from the image of un-maintainable low spec boxes in the post war era. While the commercial market is dominated by large house builders building smaller and smaller brick boxes selling to desperate would be owner-occupiers. It is also true that most English buyers and planners want houses to look how they always looked.

With the exception of the South of Ireland and perhaps parts of Scotland in these islands sustainable kit homes are seen as experimental, expensive and not affordable, certainly not for the mainstream (whether for sale or rent).

SDC and its partners aim to disprove two notions in providing sustainable kit homes.

Carbon Hierachy
  1. That sustainability and Passive build methods need to be comparatively expensive.

We have already proved that our kit home system can provide cost effective even on the most difficult of small brownfield sites. The kit build system provides a very shallow passive standard foundation, which with the below slab insulation, allowing the foundations to be complete within days. Our timber frame kit homes are manufactured offsite and therefore can deliver large savings in cost, and can be delivered at a competitive price with conventional methods, but with much higher energy performance.

Kit Homes Portfolio

See Our Kit Home Portfolio

2.  The appearance of the houses has to be plain.

We can design and supply a kit home with any external finish the client wishes, as the highly insulated walls provide a box which can be hung with any eternal finish, including non-structural brick or stone work as well as render, panels, vertical tiling, wood cladding

These flat pack homes can be wind/water tight after 4/5 weeks and construction times can be significantly cut compared to conventional build methods.

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