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Key Organisations and Actor networks in the UK Green Building sector / Major Regional Knowledge cent

An important number of regional centres of excellence and training now exist, to promote sustainability, energy and climate change issues, with a specific focus on the built environment. Many offer vocational training for a range of professional disciplines, alongside higher and postgraduate qualifications, in issues surrounding sustainability and the low carbon transition; such as the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT). Many of these organisations include a visitor’s centre, showcasing the latest eco- innovations to promote public engagement. A list of these groups can be found in Table 1.

Table 1 Regional knowledge and training centresOrganisationSector/

StructureBrief descriptionRelevant roles/ activitiesCornwall Sustainable Building TrustCharity

Donations and training coursesCSBT is a charity which was established in 2002. It has been working towards our vision by delivering training, developing the green building sector and supporting the supply chain. Recognised as leading the sector in Cornwall and have partnered with organisations including Cornwall College, Cornwall Council and the Eden Project. Since 2013 they have led two EU-funded Interreg projects, extending our influence both nationally and internationally Centre for Sustainable Energy (Bristol) Undertakes a range of research and advocacy programmes, with a specific focus on the local area. However have commissioned a number of national data gathering and analysis programmes for government.1.Provided high-quality, tailored energy advice to nearly 300,000 local people to help them take control of their energy use at home

2.Directly assisted more than 95,000 local low-income households reduce their risk of fuel poverty through advice, benefits take-up support and energy efficiency measures

3.Trained and supported more than 55,000 people to empower them to take action on sustainable energy within their own organisations and communities across the UK, either as volunteers or in their professional lives

4. Reached perhaps 50,000 young people with our high-quality education programmes, helping them become influential energy activists in their own homes and schools. (Though if teachers have done what they tell us – carried on using the resources in future years – the total could be several times this.)South West Energy Centre (Devon) South West Energy Centre (SWEC) is a dynamic partnership facilitated by South Devon College, bringing together key public and private sector funding in a visionary project that sits in the heart of the Government’s policies for the transition to the Green Economy. It is physical hub acting as a catalyst to drive demand from business and domestic customers to open up innovative, new market opportunities for renewable technologies and to stimulate sustainable growthSouth West Energy Centre provides training in renewable technologies, covering a broad range of subjects including Green Deal Advisor training, Solar PV installation, Biomass, Electrical, Plumbing and Gas training.

Improve and support the renewable energy sector in Torbay and beyond by supporting businesses in moving towards greener practices in the Low Carbon Sector

The Centre runs a variety of events for businesses and the general publicCentre for Alternative Technology CAT CAT is an education and visitor centre demonstrating practical solutions for sustainability. They cover all aspects of green living: environmental building, eco-sanitation, woodland management, renewable energy, energy efficiency and organic growingCAT has grown to become Europe’s leading eco-centre, receiving around 65,000 visitors every year, who come to learn about our work.  They also host schools visits, run short courses and postgraduate degrees and continue to research new approaches to environmental challenges through the flagship Zero Carbon Britain projectSouthport Eco visitor centre The Southport Eco Visitor-Centre is a unique gateway for travel into Southport and a valued community environmental education centre. The Centre is a practical demonstration of sustainable design and operation; it provides engaging educational resources about transport, waste, energy and resource management. As such, the Centre strives to make environmental awareness and responsibility an integral part of its operating practice.

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