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Save Money by Building Your Own Green Home


One of the many benefits of green building is that the same principles that help protect our environment – the use of low-energy options and maximising efficiency – are the same principles that help protect your wallet. Most people who want to build their own green home aren’t thinking purely of the financial benefits. Indeed, on first glance many environmentally-friendly construction options seem to be more expensive than their traditional counterparts, but the up-front cost is quickly outweighed by long-term savings, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional construction while padding your wallet.

Green build kit homes further minimise the financial outlay necessary for building your own green home, making the process both more affordable and less time-consuming. Kit green homes provide the best of both worlds: they allow you to create the green home of your dreams while reducing the amount of waste generated by traditional construction projects. Since these eco-friendly kit homes are designed by expert sustainable architects, they eliminate the trial-and-error process that’s inevitable in other self-build projects, reducing the amount of frustration, time and money (and not to mention materials) wasted during construction.

Benefits of sustainably designed kit homes

But the benefits of sustainably designed kit homes extends far beyond the initial financial outlay and building process. The family home is undoubtedly the most expensive purchase most families will make, but the financial responsibilities of homeownership don’t end with the down payment and monthly mortgage. Energy costs, along with regular maintenance and unexpected repairs, can quickly make homeownership prohibitively expensive, a situation not helped by the skyrocketing costs of gas and electricity. By using an eco-friendly kit home, self-builders can save between 30–90% on heating and cooling alone. When combined with proper placement of the home and other sustainable technologies, the total energy costs associated with green homes can be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Materials used in green kit homes

The materials used in green kit homes are also built to last: not only are the materials themselves better for the planet, but they are more resistant to termites, mold, and the effects of the weather, making them a durable choice that will reduce your future outlay on repairs. Conventional construction features many design flaws that allow unseen damage to develop within the walls of traditional homes. Stud wall cavities allow mold, insects and rodents to make themselves at home where they can cause not only expensive damage that will be costly to repair, but also health problems that can threaten the well-being of the family. Green build kit homes avoid all of these problems faced by conventional construction methods.

When you add together all of the potential savings – on repairs, maintenance, energy bills and environmental impact – the advantages of building your own green home become clear. Green build kit homes in particular integrate all of the best green technology and current thinking on eco-friendly building, allowing you reap all of the financial, environmental and health benefits of a green home while offering you the convenience and flexibility of expert sustainable design.

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