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Why build an eco-home?

Eco-homes are typically built to a high energy efficiency standard, use sustainable materials that have a low environmental impact, and create an indoor environment that is healthy and comfortable for its occupants. There are many benefits to building an eco-home from saving money to protecting the environment and we wanted to outline some of the major benefits of going green with your self-build.

Energy efficiency

The most obvious benefit of building an eco-home is the multiple benefits of energy efficiency. Pre-fabricated timber frame kit-homes such as those we offer here at Sustainable Design Collective maximise air-tightness and insulation values to exemplary levels of energy efficiency. This minimises energy usage, save you money and helps towards preventing man-made climate change. In building a home to a high energy efficiency standard such as our Passivhaus kit-build system, you can reap the rewards for years to come can saving up to 90% on heating bills. Not only does this help your wallet, it also helps the environment, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and reliance on non-renewable resources.


One of the major benefits of living eco-home is the increased comfort that you and your family will experience. Our well-insulated buildings are draught free, and through the use of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, they greatly increase the supply of fresh air to the occupants. This means stale air is removed and fresh air is brought into every room 24/7. Scientific studies have shown that these systems reduce the occurrence of respiratory disorders, allergies, fatigue and even depression – without comprising on heat loss. With our kit homes, you also get the satisfaction in knowing that you have used natural materials such as timber obtained in a sustainable manner – reducing your impact on the environment.

Why is air quality important?

This advert from Velux details just how important the quality of the air inside your home is.

Smart homes and renewable energy

You might have heard of smart meters, but smart homes will take help you take control of your energy consumption. This clever integration can help utilise your use of electricity to the most efficient times of the day – when energy prices are at their lowest. By synchronising your energy usage to a period of low demand for electricity and high supply, you can greatly reduce your running costs. This is achieved by running things such as your washing machine away from peak times when prices are highest. When integrated with renewable energy generation such as solar panels and battery storage, you may find you can effectively be ‘off grid’ for much of the year. This not only helps keep the running costs of your eco home down, but also your carbon footprint too. We can advise on how best to make use of your smart meter as well as generation from solar panels and new variable priced electricity tariffs that are soon to come on the market.

Our help

At Sustainable Design Collective we can help you on your journey towards building your eco-home, from architectural services, energy modelling to our range of eco- kit home options we can help make your dream a reality. To find out how we can help you on your journey, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, why not take a look at our portfolio of past sustainable homes?

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