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Why choose a DIY green home kit?

Eco-friendly house

Whether you’ve dreamt of building your own green home for years or you’re just discovering the benefits of sustainable design, the idea of creating an idyllic, eco-friendly retreat on your own land is compelling.

What better way to create your dream home than to build it yourself? Building your own eco-friendly home instills a sense of pride that can’t be found anywhere else that comes from knowing you’ve built the perfect home for you and your family with your own hands. But perhaps you’re worried that you don’t have the expertise, or that it will be too difficult or time-consuming to source all of the necessary materials. Or perhaps you can’t or don’t want to wait for several months before you’d be able to finish construction.

With self-build green kit homes, you can have the best of everything – the pride and satisfaction of creating your own home yourself while reducing the impact on the environment, your time and your budget. Whether you’re a modernist or prefer a rustic cottage, green build kit homes come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit all tastes. And you’re not limited to the finite number of existing designs. Sustainable architects can even help you design your home from scratch to create a plan that matches your exact specifications and perfectly suits your needs.

Eco-friendly kit homes are ideal for the environmentally conscious because they’re designed by the best sustainable architects and with the environment in mind. Green kit homes are built using sustainable materials and – even without the addition of other energy-efficient featurescan reduce your heating bills by 90%. Plus they’re ready to be accentuated with additional eco-friendly features such as heat pumps and solar panels so you can even further reduce your environmental impact.

Choosing a green build kit home also simplifies many of the design and construction decisions that self-builders face. Building your own green home using traditional construction methods requires extensive research and time spent sorting through different sustainable designs to learn how to best incorporate energy-saving features, such as wall installation. With a green kit home, the ideal solution has already been incorporated, saving you time, effort, and money spent on sourcing materials.

Finally, a green build kit home saves time and money. Compared to traditional building, kit homes are quick to erect, reducing the time and stress invested into the construction process. They’re also ideal from an environmental standpoint as material wastage is reduced or even eliminated, which also keeps costs down.

No matter how involved you want to be in building your own green home – whether you want to create the initial design and play an active role every step of the way, or would prefer to wait and the finishing touches after the house is erected –  green build kit homes are an ideal solution for the eco-minded.

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