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Why choose the Design and Build route?

What is design and build?

Design and build is a procurement route that allows the client to hire one main contractor to conduct both the architectural design and construction works. This is as opposed to the traditional route where the client needs to appoint both an architectural consultant to design the work and a contractor to construct the project.

Benefits of design and build

When building a custom home, it’s important to find a designer and contractor that understands your project and its individual needs. When working with design and build you get the benefit of having someone work with you throughout the project from the design stage and then right throughout the build. There is no need to hire multiple contractors for architects, designers, builders and stylists as you can have it all in one, trusted relationship.

Working with just one team means communication is simple, your needs and hopes are understood throughout the process and ensures a streamlined project from start to finish. Not only do you benefit from a more efficient process, but working with design and build also helps reduce costs and have one easy to manage contract. Building in this way ensures maximum continuity and understanding between the designer and builder, resulting in a harmonious project – often not the case when using separate teams, with competing visions.

How we can help

By offering both Design and Build services, we are able to provide total continuity of project from design right through to completion. For our kit homes we use a pre-fabricated timber frame Kit Home system, which is rapid, low cost and highly efficient. What’s more, when constructed this creates an ultra-energy efficient building that reaches and even exceeds PassivHaus standards for insulation and air tightness. Interested in how we can help with your self-build project? Contact us, we would love to hear about your project

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