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Our architects in Redbridge have been developing eco-friendly housing for over 30 years. Our services include architectural design, building Passivhaus standard kit homes and delivering consultancy on green elements in Redbridge. If you are looking for an experienced architect in Redbridge to work on design details for an eco-friendly home, contact us via our phone number 0117 2443559 . Our highly qualified architects can also lead you through the application process and gain approval and supervise the building process to completion if you want. We do architecture for both domestic and commercial buildings.

Why Pick Our Eco-Concsious Architects In Redbridge?

At Sustainable Design Collective our architects are RIBA endorsed professionals with 35 years of experience in building sustainable homes.

Eco-Friendly Architects

As our name implies, we are experts in providing sustainable architecture solutions in Redbridge.

Proficient Architects

Our Architects are capable of obtaining planning approval for difficult applications in Redbridge. Our Architects successfully converted a former cock fighting pit into a bungalow, and have obtained listed building conversions consent and approval in difficult areas; our experience is diverse and impressive.


SDC are registered members of the Royal Institute of British Architects

Great Value for Money

Our sustainable architects will offer you the best returns for you building costs and we promise you our prices offer great value for money. A lot of our designs are easily affordable. To make an enquiry about your eco project in Redbridge, talk to one of our professional architects on 0117 2443559.

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Our affable team is always prepared to respond to your questions and assure that your eco-friendly home needs are met.

Eco-Buildings in Redbridge

By delivering design and build services together, our architects can offer sustainability consultancy from start of design to conclusion. We utilize a pre-fabricated timber frame kit building style that is fast, inexpensive and efficient. This reaches and exceeds the PassivHaus benchmark of air tightness and insulation due to the ultra energy sufficient housing designed. Your kit housing can be designed from beginning to completion by our eco-friendly architects in Redbridge or have your ideas converted from proposal to working plans. For your lovely modern (or unconventional) designed eco kit home or self-build, we can also incorporate you needs to create the best

Swift Response in Redbridge

Our team of Sustainable Architects is always delighted to reply your enquiries.

Environment-Friendly Architects in Redbridge

Our architects know that fine design augments sustainability. By acquiring 30+ years in the industrial and home building business, our quality RIBA accredited Architects can describe eco-friendly designs tailor-made to your requirements and sustainable housing needs. Our architects are highly knowledgeable and can obtain planning consent to carry on the complete project in Redbridge. Our architects’ experience includes traditional houses, conversions, art deco and international style extensions, and a large detached Eco home and Social housing developments making use of whole house mechanical ventilation. Our architects also perform regular to green home conversions in Redbridge Call us on 0117 2443559 to set up a meeting with one of our architects

Eco Friendly Consultants in Redbridge

Our architects are well-trained experts in the field of environmental science, global warming, passive building, architectural design and management. We can also provide environmental friendly advice centered on energy houses and passive design direction. Our Eco friendly Consultants in Redbridge have been endorsed as Passivhaus consultants Among our major areas of specialization is management consultancy expertise focusing on sustainability, local authority construction and equal opportunities. Our architects in Redbridge deliver custom made Energy and Sustainability reports focusing on the local planning needs and give bespoke guidance on meeting expectations in the most economical way.

Eco Conscious Housing in Redbridge

Inexpensive eco conscious homes are possible in the UK and our architects make them a reality. There is proof of this from our home association advancement in Redbridge, which achieved a level 5 in the Code for Sustainable Homes. We can create design and building plans for eco conscious houses reaching into rural areas. With the use of exceptional design, our architects can spread awareness for sustainability housing needs in remote areas.

Self-Construction in Redbridge

We support individual and community self-build schemes; offering flexible service to fit your project. The growth, development and design process can benefit so much from the advice we can offer. How much you want to put in is your decision.

Our Eco Conscious Architects’ Portfolio

This portfolio here contains the latest of our architects’ projects. We generally follow a client lead process, delivering designs that meet the needs established in a thorough consultation phase.

Sustainable Design Collective Is Your Best Solution for Environmentally Friendly Achitecture in Redbridge

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