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The White Cottage - Sustainable Design - thatched extension, retrofit,

Energy Efficient Retrofit Extension with New Devon Thatch Roof and Solar Thermal Hot Water

At Sustainable Design Collective, we can help if you want to make energy efficient improvements to your home.

The UK housing stock is currently inefficient, contributing significantly to UK carbon emissions. At a time of rising fuel bills, the efficiency of our houses has never been more crucial. Retrofit is the process of making alterations and additions to existing buildings, in order to increase their energy efficiency: including insulation, glazing windows, solar panels and other energy generation technologies. Reducing heat loss saves on fuel bills and reduces carbon emissions.

Green Deal

To promote retrofitting, the Government has implemented special funding for energy-efficiency improvements. This is known as the Green Deal.

The idea is that energy efficiency improvements can be paid off through the electricity bills of the house. The Golden Rule guarantees that any measures will deliver a net financial benefit over their lifetime, so you are guaranteed to save money.

  • Firstly, a Green Deal Advisor assesses the feasibility of any improvements
  • Secondly, an agreement is signed with a Green Deal Provider to finance the works
  • Then, a Green Deal Installer will implement the improvements to a qualifying standard
  • Finally, through your electricity supplier, you make small repayments towards the work. However, as you are already saving money on your fuel bills, you won’t notice an increase in the amount you pay

The Green Deal finance is linked to your electricity meter and not you as an individual, which means that if you move out, the loan is passed on to the new occupant, who continues to save money.

How we can help

If you are undertaking renovation, extension or conversion work, our architects can provide design solutions and we can help identify opportunities through the Green Deal. This can help you to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home at no upfront cost, and is guaranteed to save you money.

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Waverley Lodge, Ashburton – Retrofit Timber frame Self Build

Measures potentially covered by the Green Deal


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning Condensing boilers, Heating controls, Under-floor heating, Heat recovery systems, Mechanical ventilation, (non-domestic) Flue gas recovery devices
Building fabric Cavity wall insulation, Loft insulation, Flat roof insulation Internal wall insulation, External wall insulation, Draught proofing, Floor insulation, Heating system insulation, (cylinder pipes) Energy efficient glazing and doors
Lighting Lighting fittings, Lighting controls
Water heating Innovative hot water systems, Water efficient taps and showers
Renewable Energy & Microgeneration Ground and air source heat pumps, Solar thermal, Solar PV, Biomass boilers, Micro-CHP