Timber Frame Kit Homes

Timber frame pasivhaus secification ecohome

‘Cutting edge, timber frame buildings, using Modern Methods of Manufacture’

The benefits of our system


We believe our product is one of the first sustainable ‘Passivhaus’ systems at an affordable cost, manageable within tight social housing budgets; we can deliver a budget Code 4 Passivhaus spec build for £1,100-1,2000/m2 finished and ready to move in.


The second benefit is the quick time scales of our system, with houses complete, in 24 weeks from laying the foundation to turnkey; this puts land into rent-able use speedily.

Ultra low running costs

The third benefit is the cheapness of Passive housing for the tenants and residents, a real advantage to people with lower incomes; our typical builds have heating bills 10% of UK housing stock. This also means we can meet the requirements of the Code for Sustainable homes at lowest cost.

 MMC Build Techniques

Our manufacturing partners provide fully engineered wall, roof and floor components and are factory pre-assembled. All timbers are fully structurally calculated at the initial design stage, thus speeding up the building regulation approvals and reducing consultant costs.

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 Through offsite manufacture, our suppliers achieve much greater speed and precision than conventional ‘on site’ build methods. By utilising production line principles the majority of work is completed before materials arrive on site.

MMC techniques drastically reduce build times as groundworks and superstructure can begin simultaneously. Conventional project times of 48 weeks can be reduced to as little as 24 weeks. Whole wall sections can be craned into position, resulting in miraculous erection times. Our timber frame wall solutions can be clad directly with timber, render or have an external brick skin.

Build System – closed panel timber frame, and passive slab

We specify ultra-modern highly insulated slab foundations. Lightweight timber frame construction usually does not require additional deep foundations; therefore reducing the amount of works and materials required. By insulating the slab, heat losses through floors are all but removed, and thermal bridges designed out.

Viking House Timber frame twinwall

Our range of closed panel timber frame design details (such as the Twinwall shown), greatly exceed the energy efficiency requirements for UK building regulations. All the materials and details used are certified to European standards (EN standards).

If the time on site is limited there is option for windows and external doors to be factory fitted. The units also come fitted with all electrical conduit/switch power point cut outs and piped systems pre-installed into the walls. This allows second fix to begin immediately after assembly and drastically cuts construction times.

Timber Frame – the low energy, sustainable solution

Even on our budget builds we specify a Passivhaus standard building envelope and components. Thus we exceed  the requirements of the building regulations, meaning we can achieve code 4, 5 and 6 of the Code for sustainable homes in the most cost effective manner possible.Passivhaus running costs, low energy buildings
If you wish to achieve a certified Passivhaus our system can deliver the highest thermal performance achievable, and we can guide you on the most effective build form to deliver this.

We use whole house heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) as standard and can consult and specify solar thermal water heating, photovoltaics, biomass, heat pumps and even wind energy solutions that are tailored to your project.

A timber frame system is inherently more sustainable than conventional brick and block construction, we also specify natural insulation materials, finishes such as lime render and timber cladding, and natural floor coverings. We oversee the whole process from laying the foundation to turnkey; this puts land into rent-able use speedily.