Sustainability Consultants

We are able to offer sustainability consultancy, including renewable energy consultant and Passivhaus services, from the initial design stage through to production of SAP and EPCs for building regulations.

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Energy and Sustainability Statements for planning

Our sustainability consultants provide tailored Energy and Sustainability statements to address the local planning requirements, and provide bespoke guidance on meeting these targets in the most cost effective way, often in consort with out Sustainable Architects.

Many Local Planning Authorities require an Energy and Sustainability Statement to be submitted as part of a planning application. This is often combined with a requirement to provide a reduction in carbon emissions/energy use of the building through onsite generation of energy using Low or Zero Carbon (LZC) and Renewable energy technologies. Our Sustainability Consultants reports typically address:

  • Local Policy targets: CO2 emissions, LZC energy
  • Notional baseline: Part L compliant dwelling
  • Energy Hierarchy: Be Clean (efficiency), Be Lean (CHP), Be Green (renewable energy)
  • SAP/SBEM calculations: undertaken by Accredited Energy Assessor
  • Code for Sustainable Homes and Passivhaus assessment.
  • Advice on Consultancy Appointment: Flood Risk, Ecology, Daylight, Noise Transport etc

Renewable energy consultants – Feasibility studies

When selecting renewable/energy systems, it can be hard to know which ones are right for your project. By undertaking a Feasibility Study you can make informed decisions on up front and running costs. Based on accurate thermal modelling our renewable energy consultants provide cost payback periods for your scheme to help you make the right choice and save money.

PV, solar, solar panels, black solar panels, blackRenewable energy consultants report appraisals typically include; Efficient gas boilers, Solar thermal, Solar photovoltaic panels (PV), Wind turbines, Ground source heat pumps (GSHP), Air-source heat pumps (ASHP), Biomass boilers and stoves, Combined heat and power (CHP) and Community solutions.

For each technology under consideration, the feasibility study will include:

  • Overview of the technical feasibility; advantages and disadvantages of installing the technology, possible constraints.
  • £ – Estimated cost of installation.
  • £ – Financial incentives (eg: the Feed-in Tariff & Renewable Heat Incentive )
  • £ – Estimated return on investment.
  • CO2 savings over time.
  • Recommendations regarding the most suitable technologies.
  • Next steps.

Code For Sustainable Homes Assessment

Code for sustainable homes

Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments

Our sustainability consultants are Code for Sustainable Homes assessors, with an in-depth knowledge of the Code and award winning project delivery at Code 5, allowing us to offer guidance on achieving the highest standards of sustainability in buildings.

Passivhaus and PHPP Consultancy certified passivhaus consultant

Our Sustainability Consultants provide a full Passivhaus design and consultancy service to support clients in delivering Passivhaus projects including:

  • Individual architectural design consultancy to meet the stringent criteria required by the Passivhaus standard for developers, contractors and designers.
  • Initial Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) modelling to see if Passivhaus is viable for your scheme.
  • Advice on economic design strategies to reduce the energy demand.
  • PHPP calculations.
  • Thermal bridging analysis.
  • Air tightness consultancy and detailing.
  • Passivhaus Kit build system.

We also have significant project management consultancy expertise, focusing on sustainability in construction and housing delivery in a local authority context and guidance for self builders.